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[Feb. 21st, 2005|02:27 pm]
I Break for Cookies


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[music |I Love You Like a Masochist Loves Fucking a Bee Hive- CB]

Associated Press, February 20-something- Cookie Break is fucking stellar, thanks for asking.

Despite having lost one of its members to the Tsunami (RIP Abe) they have been making a lot of progress, and are pleased with the feedback from their European tour. Though, this isnt enough for some. Quote Wylde, "They're Europeans. They're dumb. They'd listen to me banging to bricks together. I'm not even sure they have posable thumbs." Coinsidentially, Cookie Breaks latest song is, infact, Richard banging too bricks together.

The band has been exploring a lot of new territory, making some new acoustic noises and utilizing Russell for all hes worth. Their newest material is not only great to listen to, but also provides extreme entertaiment in trying to guess which Modest Mouse song they copied to write it. The boys are in the process of cranking out another single, "Are You Going Blind?", which they are currently selling to the producers of The OC, in hopes of providing the soundtrack for when the teen soap-opera pops its hot-lesbian cherry.

Daly could not be reached for comment because he was "not allowed to leave the corner until he quits his other band".

The living members of the band are also proud to be in the finishing stages of their first feature film Zombie House (No, I'm not even joking). The final stages of editing are being placed, and they hope to not only debut the film soon, but it could indeed become a concert staple. Quote O'Rourke "Well, The Beatles had A Hard Days Night, The Stones had Sympathy for the Devil, Floyd had The Wall, now Cookie Break has Zombie House. It only makes sense." Most of the score is original Cookie Break material, including the 'banging jam'
"Theme From Zombie House".

So whats next for the worlds greatest music-makers? Nothing, they're all dead. But Cookie Break is a different story. Working on their next studio album, they hope to be done writing and start recording the summer of 2005. They have also started work for debuting some new material at the pretigious NHS Battle of the Bands. Principal Doctor Beth Singer had this to say, "The Norfamthon Highthool Bathle of the Banths is a gwate oppotunity for yun studenths. I haff faiff in Coofie Bwake."

Faiff in Coofie Bwake, indeed.

[User Picture]From: ritchurdwhyuld
2005-02-21 09:59 pm (UTC)
it would be well advised to actually tell people a little bit of what you are talking about. Russell also had the great idea of making Zombie House 2: Zombies in da house!
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